Selection procedures

The selection procedure can be divided into three steps:

  1. Document check
  2. Applicant ranking
  3. Applicant interview


Document check:

  • Document check will be performed by the Admission Committee during and immediately after the closure of the Call for Applications. At this stage, the fulfilment of the minimum requirements (academic and language) will be verified.
  • Candidates whose applications fail to meet any of the above requirements will be considered ineligible and excluded.
  • The Coordinating Institution will notify ineligible participants about the reasons of their exclusion and the appeal procedure not later than one month after the closure of the call.


Applicant ranking:

Each eligible application will be evaluated on a 100-point scale by the Admission Committee. The following joint selection criteria will be applied:


Maximum score


Academic records

60% – up to 60 points

Previous academic records

Language skills

20% – up to 20 points

English language knowledge

Motivation and reference

10% – up to 10 points

cover letter; recommendation letters.

Additional elements

10% – up to 10 points

Additional academic, research or professional experience;


Applicant interview:

Top-ranked pre-selected applicants will be invited for an online selection interview. Interviews will be conducted via video conferencing by the Admission Committee. Candidates will be assessed based on the:

  • ability to understand questions and provide adequate and concise answers;
  • ability to demonstrate the adequacy and consistency between the objectives of the Programme and the applicants’ background and/or professional project;
  • Motivation and professional project.

All candidates will be informed by email of selection outcome and the overall score of their application.


Appeal Procedure

Appeals will only be considered if the applicant believes there has been a failure in the admissions procedure or that they have been discriminated against unlawfully. All appeals should be made in writing within 10 days after the decision has been communicated. Any appeal will be accorded thorough consideration and will normally be addressed within 28 calendar days of receipt. Where an appeal does not produce the outcome sought by the applicant, reasons should be given for any decision.

The Management Committee is encouraged to acknowledge when an error has been made and to take steps to ensure that similar problems do not arise in future.


Student Agreement

All accepted students are required to sign Student Agreement. The document for 2023-2025 intake can be downloaded below.